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Windows and Energy

This time of year temperatures outside are dropping.  How can you stop the drop in temperature from raising your heat bill? has tips for preparing your home for colder temps.  Sometimes a homeowner is not in a position to replace their windows with more energy efficient ones, what then?  The following are a few…

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Spring Energy Saving Tips

Are you excited for Spring??? Hard to believe it’s already here!  If you are ready for the fresh start spring cleaning brings, scroll down to see a few tips that will help you save energy this season!  Happy Spring Cleaning! Save energy by… Seal openings and cracks around windows and doors.. we often think this…

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Light Bulb, Light Bulb…What’s the difference?

Are you a homeowner? Do you have an electric bill? Can the light bulb you use affect your bill? Have you heard of LED lighting, or being energy efficient? Then you’ll want to read this. In recent years Light bulbs have been modified to be more energy efficient.  Replace your old traditional incandescent light bulbs…

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