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Spring Energy Saving Tips

Are you excited for Spring??? Hard to believe it’s already here!  If you are ready for the fresh start spring cleaning brings, scroll down to see a few tips that will help you save energy this season!  Happy Spring Cleaning!

springSave energy by…

  • Seal openings and cracks around windows and doors.. we often think this is only an issue in winter but the same thing can happen in warmer weather. Whenever there is a change from hot to cold there can be energy waste.  If the warm air enters your home through cracks your A/C will have to work harder to cool the room…

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  • Run fans only when you are in the room… Fans create a wind chill factor and thus only cool you down.  Fans only help while you are in the room otherwise its a waste of electricity. 
  • As we transition to warmer weather its okay to lower the water temperature to 120 F in your water heater…    this helps you save money. (consult with a professional before making such changes)

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  • Minimize use of washer dryers.  Warmer weather allows for hanging clothes outside,  nothing like the smell of clothes on a line

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Additional Lighting Tips