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Why choose an Independent Insurance Agency?


Looking For An Insurance Agency?

As an independent insurance agency, Chase, Clarke, Stewart & Fontana brings you more options than other agents. We are not limited to one company and so we can work with you to bring you the best product at a price that works for your budget. We have been serving the people of Western Massachusetts since 1827, and are committed to face-to-face service and being your advocate in times of need. We believe some things take more than 15 minutes and that at times it's best to talk to an actual person.

Why Chase, Clarke, Stewart & Fontana Insurance Agency Right For You:

  • We work for you as opposed to one company.
  • When you have a claim we work for you, to get you the best results.
  • We are value-hunters, whose priority is to bring you the best price, coverage, and service.
  • We cover a wide range of products, including Home, Renters, Auto, Business, Cyber Liability, and More.
  • We will review your coverage from time to time to make sure all your needs are covered.
  • Customer satisfaction is our number one focus.
  • You are a person and not a number and we are available to talk when you need us.
  • We are local, licensed professionals with a long history in this community.

To learn how our independent insurance agency can help you, contact us today

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