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Windows and Energy

This time of year temperatures outside are dropping.  How can you stop the drop in temperature from raising your heat bill? has tips for preparing your home for colder temps.  Sometimes a homeowner is not in a position to replace their windows with more energy efficient ones, what then?  The following are a few tips to increase the efficiency of your current windows.

Improve Energy Efficiency of  your Windows

  • Caulking- is used to seal up air leaks around the window frame and the wall.  The leaks can be a result of cracks or gaps. windows If the gap is more that 1 and one quarter inch other methods may be needed.
  • Weather Stripping– is used to seal up air leaks around movable components. Read more about weather stripping.
  • Window Coverings– Such coverings as shades, shutters or even panels can go a long way in insulating your windows. Click here for more covering ideas.

Before sealing your home it is good to know how much ventilation your home requires. Consult with a professional.



Contact your local agent to find out how to seal up any gaps in your existing coverage.