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Homeowners Insurance

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Homeowners Insurance

Save with Chase, Clarke, Stewart & Fontana’s competitive homeowners insurance programs!  Save even more by combining both your home and personal automobile with our agency!

Buying a home is often the single largest financial investment an individual or family ever makes.  Since the value of real estate property frequently increases over time, the owner’s financial interest in the property also may increase.  Owning a home carries with it a potential exposure to financial loss from unpredictable events such as:

  • Fire
  • Windstorm Damages
  • Theft of personal property
  • Lawsuits from an injured person

Homeowners can protect themselves against all of these losses by purchasing homeowners insurance.

Homeowners Insurance Discounts Available *

  • New customers up to 7%
  • Central Station Burglar/Fire Alarm System (Discount varies)
  • Non-Smoker Discount
  • Account credits up to 20% if you insure your home and auto with us
  • Renewal credits up to 8%
  • Pay your premium in full 3%
  • Renew and save up to 1%

Homeowners Insurance Policy Basics

Your Dwelling: Coverage for the dwelling you reside in extends to any attached structures, such as a deck or garage. This does not include land or the dwelling’s foundation.

Other Structures: Coverage is provided for any detached structures at your residence, such as a garage, shed, barn, swimming pool, fences, etc.

Personal Property: This coverage section protects your general household belongings against loss by a broad range of perils. Items can include furniture, clothing, appliances, and other personal possessions.

Loss of Use: In the event, you are required to leave your home as a result of a covered property loss, we will cover you for any additional expenses which may include hotel or restaurant costs.

Personal Liability: This is important coverage if you or resident family members are found negligent in causing bodily injury or property damage to another party. In that event, you have peace of mind knowing we will pay the legal damages imposed on you and include legal defense costs if necessary.

Medical Payments: If a visitor is injured in or around your home we will pay for the medical expenses incurred by that person.

IMPORTANT NOTICE(s): Oil/Liquid fuel exclusion

Contact our office if you heat your property with oil or another liquid fuel. A new exclusion is being added to your policy eliminating coverage for third-party liability claims. Coverage can be purchased by endorsement. Call us today to learn more. Earthquake coverage is NOT included in the homeowners' insurance contract. An earthquake can be purchased and added to your policy by endorsement. Please call for details. Flood coverage is NOT included in the homeowners' insurance contract. Flood insurance must be purchased separately. Call for pricing. Water seepage is NOT covered. Sump pump failure coverage can be purchased by endorsement. Please call for details.

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Personal Articles

Scheduled Personal Property:

The following can be insured for a specific limit:

  • Jewelry
  • Furs
  • Fine arts
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Antiques
  • Firearms
  • Other types of high valued property

Existing homeowner clients can add scheduled personal property by endorsement to the basic to:

  1. Homeowner,
  2. Tenant and
  3. Condominium policy

Stand-alone high-valued jewelry can be insured on a stand-alone policy for non-homeowner clients. We have competitive stand-alone jewelry markets.

So, you have a homeowner’s insurance policy.  Your policy covers all of your contents in your house, right? Yes, that is correct, however, certain contents have specific limits of coverage.  For instance, the standard homeowner’s policy only covers jewelry to about $1,000 to $2,000 for theft.  If you need more than that you have to ask for it.  How do you get more coverage?  That is easy, contact your independent insurance agent and tell them that you have jewelry valued greater than what is covered under the standard home policy.  A current jewelry appraisal should be given to your agent.   Your agent would then specifically list and schedule the item(s) onto your policy.  By scheduling the items you are not only covered for theft but typically loss also.

Jewelry is not the only high-valued item that has coverage limitations.  Paintings, fine artwork, firearms, and other valuables should be individually scheduled for proper coverage.  Scheduling will provide higher coverage limits and broaden the coverage beyond what the standard policy affords.