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Financial Services

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Financial Services

The Financial Services Center at Chase, Clarke Stewart & Fontana provides the opportunity to help customers with their long-term financial goals and objectives.  Ray Lukas is available to help design a financial program tailored to your individual financial needs. Whether you are planning for retirement, saving for college, or seeking to save on taxes, Ray is available to help you.

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Individual & Employee Sponsored Retirement Plans
  • Estate & Financial Planning, IRA's
  • Employee Benefits
  • Mutual Funds & Annuities, College Plans

Life Insurance

  • How would your family manage if you could no longer provide for them?
  • What would happen if you or your spouse died? Would you be able to cover the cost of your mortgage and daily bills?
  • Who would pay your outstanding debts if something were to happen to you?

It's all about protecting the ones you love. It's all about Life Insurance.

Life Insurance provides the peace of mind you need when you want to safeguard what is important to you.

At Chase, Clarke, Stewart & Fontana Insurance you can select from a wide range of life insurance products to meet your needs. For example, Level Term Life Insurance allows you to lock in low-cost, level premiums for up to 30 years! Build cash value with universal or whole life insurance.

Level Term Life Insurance Is The Ideal Protection For:

  • Income replacement for your family
  • Home mortgages and equity loans
  • Child care expenses
  • Educational Expenses

It's easy to learn about Life Insurance and how you can protect your family's future. Contact Ray Lukas today at (800) 501-2780 for a free, no-obligation quote.

Life Insurance for Senior Citizens:

What will you leave your loved ones... memories or debt?

Whole Life Insurance is the answer to this question. The average funeral costs almost $10,000. Social Security pays a death benefit of only $255. Where will your family find the money they need.

These are just two examples of the many plans that we have. If you are interested in inquiring about any of our plans contact Ray Lukas today at (800) 501-2780.

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Life Insurance for Non-Seniors:

Reduced Term Life Rates Available:

Did you know that term life insurance rates have actually declined substantially in recent years!

Chase, Clarke, Stewart & Fontana Insurance can help you determine if you have the right price for your term life plan. Take a look at how inexpensive $500,000 of 30-Year Term coverage can be:

Long term guaranteed rate options available for:

  • 10 Year Term
  • 15 Year Term
  • 20 Year Term
  • 30 Year Term

See how life insurance can benefit your family. Take your own needs analysis test.

Complete this quick planner to determine if how much life insurance you need.

Income Replacement (i.e. 3x annual income) $_________
Add Liabilities:
Mortgage(s) $_________
Loans/Bills Outstanding $_________
Estimated Children's College Costs $_________
Total $_________
Subtract Current Life Insurance $_________
Total Insurance Needed: $_________

After you complete this quick planner call us toll-free (800)501-2780.