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Workers Compensation Insurance

Injured Worker Compensation. Broken Arm African Man On Computer

Workers Compensation Insurance Is It For You?

Do you need worker's compensation insurance coverage for your employees?

Are you a business owner?

Are you new to the worker's compensation world? Let us help you, help your employees.

Chase, Clarke, Stewart & Fontana Insurance offers competitive workers compensation insurance programs providing coverage for injuries to your employees.   Our agency handles the insurance needs of over 3,000 businesses.  We understand the issues that arise when owning a business.

This product is offered to complete the insurance program for our commercial coverage insureds.  Many of the companies we represent offer deviated premiums, saving you money. We provide a managed care approach to claims to assure the highest level of attention to providing medical care to the injured worker.  We work with you and the employee toward a speedy return to work program.

Are you a small or mid-sized business?

Ask us about our Pay As You Go Workers Compensation Program!  This program is offered to small to mid-sized businesses.   The premiums are automatically calculated and deducted based on actual data, what a stress reliever!   This workers compensation program eliminates end-of-the-year audits and surprises additional premium bills.   Contact us today to learn more!