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Automobile Insurance

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Personal Automobile Insurance Policy

Our agency is committed to saving Massachusetts automobile insurance policyholders. We represent many car insurance companies are dedicated to offering substantial savings to our Massachusetts personal automobile policyholders.

Policyholders insuring both their home and auto with our agency will save up to 20% off their home and automobile insurance premiums! Keep posted for more information.

Discounts Available:

  • New customers up to 7%
  • Account credits up to 20% if you insure your home and auto with us
  • Multi-vehicle discounts 10%
  • Military Away discount (for drivers deployed on Duty more than 100 miles from where the vehicle is garaged) 10%
  • Good student (Full-time students with less than 6 years experience, and maintain a “B” or higher Average) 5%
  • Student Away At school – more than 100 miles from where the vehicle is garaged. 10%
  • Anti-Theft Discounts (discount off comprehensive coverage part) up to 36%
  • Hybrid and Electric Auto discounts 10%
  • Advanced Driver training 5%
  • Driver Simulator and online training 7%
  • Renewal credits up to 8%
  • 25% for Excellent Driver Plus (no accidents or incidents in past 6 years)
  • 15% Excellent Driver (no accidents or incidents in past 5 years)
  • Pay your premium in full 3%
  • Renew and save up to 1%

Coverage Options:

  • Disappearing Collision & Limited Collision Deductible
  • Rental Vehicle loss of Income coverage
  • Lock in Value – New car replacement (Guaranteed replacement cost)
  • Personal Effects coverage
  • Extended Substitute Transportation
  • Emergency Road Travel Expenses
  • Supplemental Towing & Labor
  • Airbag Coverage
  • Accident Forgiveness

*Some Discounts/Coverage options are company-specific. Contact us for a custom policy tailored to your specific needs.

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Personal Automobile Basics

All individually owned vehicles registered under the Massachusetts Compulsory Motor Vehicle Law shall be written on the Massachusetts Automobile policy.

There are two major automobile exposures for which individuals seek protection under the Massachusetts Automobile Policy. 1. People want to be protected against their liability (legal responsibility) should they physically injure someone, Bodily Injury, or damage someone else’s property, Property Damage, through the use of their automobile. The MA Auto Policy provides protection for these types of losses. These coverages are referred to as liability coverage or third-party coverages since they provide insurance for the benefit of a third party as a result of the insured’s negligent actions in the auto accident. 2. People also want to make sure they are protected regardless of who is at fault if they, their household members, or their
passengers are injured in an accident and if their own auto is damaged in an accident or sustains damage in a fire, theft, etc. The MA Auto Policy provides protection for these types of losses. These coverages are called first-party coverages since they provide insurance for the direct benefit of the insured. Personal Injury Protection and Medical Payments provide protection to the insured, household members, and passengers for their medical expenses or lost wages due to injuries. There are five coverages available to cover damages or loss to the insured’s vehicle referred to as physical damage coverages. These five coverages are shown below:

  • Collision
  • Limited Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Substitute Transportation
  • Towing and Labor – Why join an expensive motor club?

There are also two first-party coverages that provide the insured with protection for injuries sustained as the result of an accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured auto. Both of these coverages are dependent on the “other auto” being legally responsible for the accident. Contact us today to learn how we can save you money on your automobile insurance! 413-788-4531.