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Homeowners Guide to Getting in the Spring Swing of Things

Well, Spring has arrived.  I guess, even though it doesn’t feel like it today.  The swing of Spring with temperatures in the 70’s earlier this week and now a balmy 37 degrees and according to it feels like 29 degrees.   So, lets look on the bright side, April showers will bring May Flowers.  Below is your homeowners guide for Getting in The Spring Swing of Things:


Check for roof damage

Winter’s snow, ice and wind can wreak havoc on your roof.  As the shingles age each season, the fine grains of stone get washed and worn off the surface.  Check to see whether any damaged shingles need to be replaced.

Monitor your gutters and drainage

Remove blockages and look for signs of damage and bending.  Many gutter repairs are inexpensive and involve only adjusting brackets, hammering out bent areas, and if necessary, replacing damaged sections of the gutter.



Check all home detectors

Press the test button on carbon monoxide and smoke detectors!  Be sure to change the batteries at the same time.  Both detectors are available at your home supply store.

Prepare your air conditioner

Check your refrigerant levels to make sure the air feels cool, replace your dirty air filters which put more strain on your AC and increase your energy consumption.  Check the outside compressor condensing coil for damage or blockage.  Not sure how?  Look up your AC manufacturer online to find out.



Dump your sump pump’s gunk

Your sump pump saves you a lot of money in repairs by protecting against flooding – so make sure it works properly!  If the water in your pit is moving slowly, it may be blocked by debris.  Make sure to clean it often.

Prevent a home dryer fire

The build-up of lint in your dryer causes an average of 15,000 fires each year.  Clean the lint trap after every laundry load, and check the outside vent where hidden build-up can cause additional damage to your appliance.



Check your deck for wear

Use a screwdriver or ice pick to test areas exposed to water and parts of your deck that are constantly damp.  If the ice pick can penetrate the wood or the wood is soft, that’s a clue the wood is decaying.

Replace Flashing if needed

Is the flashing that keeps water from collecting between the house and the deck still doing its job?  If not, replace it.


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