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Your Hot Water Heater Explodes and Causes Property Damage! Are you Covered?

Wellhot Water Heater-online then.  Lets hope this never happens to anyone…..  So, lets break this down a bit.   Explosion is a covered peril under the Homeowners 3 Special form.   Coverage is    provided under Section I Property Coverages extending coverage to both the dwelling structure and personal property. So, if your hot water heater explodes, you have coverage under your Homeowners 3 Special form for your structure and personal property.

Now, what if your hot water heater is located in your garage, blows up and damages or destroys your riding lawnmower, car, and motorcycle?

Good and bad news here.  The good news is that your riding lawnmower and any other personal property that was destroyed or damaged by the explosion would be covered under your Homeowners 3 Special form.  The bad news is that the car, and motorcycle are not covered by your Homeowners policy.   Motor vehicles and motorcycles are subject to registration and separate insurance requirements.   In other words, you would need to file a claim against your car and motorcycle insurance policy and hope that you purchased comprehensive coverage, of which Explosion is a covered peril.

Again, I hope this never happens to anyone.

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