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Winter Home Heating Tips

How do you heat your home?  GAS? OIL? Other?

It’s cold out side… and this is only the beginning of winter.  There are many options for heating your home.  Heating equipment ranges in types and price. has useful home heating tips.  Click here to see an easy to read infographic.

 Basics for Winter Home Heating

Five things to consider before addressing your heating needs:

Fuel: Access to heating fuels change depending on where you live.

Climate: Weather patterns where you live will affect which heating system you use.  Obviously, if you live in Florida you need less heat than in New England.

Efficiency: Products are now being designed to meet energy standards, look for the Energy Star when purchasing equipment.

Size: Work Smarter not harder.  The size of the heating system will depend on the need.

 winter home heating


*Using a thermostat allows you to save energy, by controlling temperatures and stopping the system from running on full blast at all times.





Also please remember regular cleaning and maintenance can prolong the life of your heating system.  For example, you should clean filters and make minor repairs before they become a greater problem.


Don’t forget to consult with a professional before making a decision, to prevent future headaches.

Have a warm winter 🙂