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Winter Sports Ideas

Looking for fun family outings this winter?  Here are a few winter sports ideas.

Do you like winter?   It’s cold I know, but there is a lot of fun to be had, especially living in New England.   Bundle up, get the hot chocolate ready and get out there!


Take advantage of the natural resources around us for fun.  You don’t have to go that far to get to some of the top Mountains in the Northeast.  Many mountain resorts even have night skiing, making it a great after work activity, at an affordable price.  Ski trips make for great mt pics winter sportsgroup outings.  Get the family and friends together and away from electronics for a day of fun.  Usually Mountains offer a group rate, totally worth inquiring about.  Even if you are not a snowboarder or skier you can still have fun, by taking a lesson or relaxing in the lodge with friends and family.

Ice Skating

Do you prefer hockey skates or ice skates?  Not sure?  Why not find out this winter?

There are plenty of rinks open throughout the area.  This a fun way to spend the evening, and easy on the wallet, thats a win win!


If you’re like me you probably have fond memories of sledding.  Why not dig out that old sled, dust it off and have some fun this winter.  If  you don’t have access to a snowy school hill don’t forget that many ski resorts also have snow tubing, sure to bring you many laughs and happy memories.


For the more adventurous… theres snowmobiling.  Again many Mountain resorts also have trails open for snowmobiling.  This is probably one of the fastest ways to navigate winter terrain.  Seek advice from a professional before attempting.  Also please be sure to follow proper laws and guidelines. Read More


If you have a roof rack, or other items attached to your vehicle contact your local insurance agent to make sure you have the right coverage.

If you have a snowmobile or recreational vehicle contact your local insurance agent to confirm coverage. has more information on winter activities in the area.


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