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Winter Fire Safety Tips

winter fire safetyBrrrr…Looks like winter arrived early this year.  Heating your home is a big part of New England Life.  Ready.Gov has great winter fire safety tips for staying safe this winter.  Click the link below to learn what to do; before, during , and after a fire.

Winter Fire safety tips:


  • Clean and check your woodstove or fireplace for damage, before use.
  • Use screens on your fireplace to stop sparks or logs from rolling into your home.
  • Do not operate generators in the home, as they are made for outdoors and could prove toxic.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher, contact local fire department for tips.
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You know the phrase, “curiosity killed the cat.”  Well educate your children about fire so that their curiosity will not get them into trouble.  Kids are smart, take time to explain the proper use of fire.  That being said don’t leave them unattended around stoves fireplaces or even candles.

Have a safe warm winter 🙂