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Fall Hazards in the Workplace

Do you own a business? Are your employees at risk? Slips, trips and falls are one of the most common accidents.  What can be done to protect your employees and customers?  OSHA has a lot of helpful tips about protecting your employees and clients from fall hazards, here are a few. Prevent Trip or Fall…

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Employee Health

Are you a business owner? How can you protect your employees from health hazards? The CDC has a wide range of suggestions and employee health tips for the business owner. Driver Health According to the CDC there were 18,716 work related crash deaths from 2003-2012.  By making policies with driver safety in mind, this type…

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National Safety Stand Down

OSHA is encouraging all who work in construction to think safe!  They are launching a campaign for June 2-6 called National Safety Stand Down. Do you own a construction company? Do you work in construction? Then this is for you… Why?  Their goal is to raise awareness for personal safety, more specifically fall prevention.  Knowledge…

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