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Employee Health

Are you a business owner? How can you protect your employees from health hazards? The CDC has a wide range of suggestions and employee health tips for the business owner.

Driver Health

According to the CDC there were 18,716 work related crash deaths from 2003-2012.  By making policies with driver safety in mind, this type of problem can be reduced.

See these helpful links for your employees:



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Construction Worker Wellness

Construction Jobs are known for hazards.  Help your employees by encouraging them and training them to use the right Personal Protective Equipment.  Simple planning can save you a lot of headaches.  Click the links below to access resources for your employees on the following topics.


Small Business Health

There may not be as many incidences related to office jobs but there are still common hazards.  The US Department of Labor has helpful information to keep your employees and yourself safe no matter what job you do.

Small Business Health tips click here




Happy safe employees lead to good business.

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