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“Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover That?”

If you have homeowners insurance, you know that you’re covered in the event of fire damage or if you encounter a few sticky finger thieves. Now that the holidays are right around the corner and more people will be visiting your home, it’s time to cover three potential scenarios that may happen to you this…

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Your Lawnmower is Stolen from your Shed… Are you Covered???

Hide your Lawnmower!   Yes if your lawnmower is stolen from your shed you are coverd…  Why?  You covered by your typical homeowners policy under coverage C (personal property) Coverage C insures for direct physical loss resulting from; 1)      Fire or Lightning 2)      Windstorm 3)      Explosion 4)      Riot or Civil Commotion 5)      Aircraft 6)      Vehicles…

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