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Power Outage Tips

Being that it is Preparedness Month we thought it best to review the topic of Power Outages.  What should you do before during and after a power outage? has a few power outage tips.

Power Outage Tips


  • Store extra batteries for various devices, such as a radio, in a waterproof container.power outage
  • Remember a refrigerator that is closed can remain cool for several hours without power.  Water can kept frozen in containers and then used later as coolers, also prolonging the effectiveness of the refrigerator.
  • As far as preparing your car, it’s a good idea to have the tank at least half full.
  • Emergency Kit Tips


  • Never run a generator in a home.  They are hazardous when not properly ventilated, and should be kept outside.
  • Disconnect appliances to avoid electrical fires.
  • Leave one light in the on position.
  • More Tips

Prepare Now, worry less later.

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