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Fall Foliage and your Home

New England is famous for fall foliage.  The changing of the leaves is a beautiful thing!  We certainly enjoy it.  Nothing like taking a drive down a country road with hot cider and the views of the foliage.fall foliage

Those pretty leaves can quickly become pests, especially when they start clogging up the gutter on your home.  Don’t let these “guests” overstay their welcome.  It’s best not to let your gutters and drains get clogged with leaves.  If you do hire someone to clear your gutters, just be sure they have the proper insurance.     Also be conscious of leaves that pile up around drains.  Water damage is not something you want to deal with.  This way autumn can continue to be a pleasant time of year.

Leaf clean up can easily be turned into a fun family event.  Here’s an idea, get some apple cider and apple cinnamon or pumpkin donuts from your local farm stand and a few rakes.  See who in your family can make the biggest leaf pile…Work doesn’t always have to feel like work.   Who doesn’t love jumping into a good leaf pile?  


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