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Summer Pool Safety

Having a fun summer?  Hope so!  How does this sound… sunny day, not a cloud in the sky.  You are surrounded by family and friends in the backyard.  Kids are spalshing aound in the pool laughing and having the best time.  Sound good?  We think so too.

Pools are relaxing, refreshing and fun.  Pools are a great source of fun yet they can also present some dangers.  There are a few things to do so that everyone stays safe this summer.  Did you know there is a whole government sponsored website dedicated to pool safety?  Click here

Click here to watch a Pool safety video.  The video outlines 3 areas of pool safety..

  1. Safer water- there are various tools available to keep the pool a safe place.  Fences for example can keep children away from the pools while unsupervised.  Pool alarms can also help homeowners keep track of pool use.
  2. Safe Kids- Knowledge is power.  Teaching kids how to swim can help prevent drowning.  Supervision of children in and around the pool is a must.
  3. Safe response- Plan ahead.  Remember that in the event of drowning seconds count.  Learning CPR is something pool owners should strongly consider.

Have a safe and happy summer.

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