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BBQ Season! Are You Covered?

It’s BBQ Season!!!

 This time of year many of us prefer to BBQ in the backyard and enjoy time with the family!  We hope you have  a great summer.

Grilling is all fun and games ’til someone gets hurt’ 

 BBQ season

Please be careful!

That being said, if you should have a grilling or BBQ accident and a fire damages your property… Are You Covered??

We certainly hope this does not happen to you, however Yes…Fire damage on your property is covered by most common Homeowner’s Policies.  So for example if your deck was destroyed by fire you would have coverage.  The amount reimbursed would be based on the value of property and policy limits.  

Homeowners policies also include some liability coverage, in the event of injury.  Now would be a great time to consult with your local agent and make sure there are no gaps in your coverage.

We are happy to answer further questions…

 Please use good judgement when grilling, the link below has a few safety tips to keep in mind this summer.