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Home AC Energy Tips

Is your Home AC wasting your money?


Summer Summer Summertime… What a great time of year!  How are you enjoying this great summer weather?  Can you believe its already August?  August is usually know for heat.  Is your home AC ready?

Although its been a mild summer thus far, we know August’s potential.  Enjoy the warm weather while it is here! has great tips for keeping your home cool and keeping money in your pocket…

Home AC tip1Do you have Central Air?

Tip: Make sure your ducts are sealed and connected properly. Leaks mean wasted energy.




Home AC tip 2 Do you have AC Window Unit?

Instead of the accordion panels that are attached to the unit, use “rigid form panels” to stop air leaks.



Do you have an AC and want to lower cooling Costs?

Tip: Secure you home’s “envelope.”  The Envelope is the shell of your home, keeping air in or out.  Heat and Cold air should only leave or enter when you want it to by means of proper ventilation, and insulation.  Leaks in windows, doors etc waste energy and thus money…


If you answered YES to any of the above questions, click here for the answers, featured on

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