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Do Not Neglect Your Lights

xmas lights

Lights are pretty, but they are not something to take for granted.  Please do not leave your lights on, unattended for extended periods of time.

Consider what happened to a New Jersey family a few years ago…

The lights were left on all day, overheated and set the tree on fire.  Soon the whole house was a blaze.  Sadly it was a total loss.  It turns out that some of the lights had previously suffered  damaged during a flood in the basement, and were unsuitable for use.

We do not want to anything of this sort to happen to you, please be careful.  It may be worth your while to:

1) Replace your lights annually

2) Check the light bulb rating

3) Remember multiple lines can overload the electrical outlet

4) Do not use lines that have obvious damage, such as ripped cords

This family was able to rebuild their home within their policy limits.  Please feel free to contact us, to make sure you have the proper coverage.

We thank Chubb for this information.