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Extended Power Outage Forces You to Stay in a Hotel… Are You Covered?

Power Outage
Hotel Expenses During A Power Outage

What Would You Do??

This area has seen some wild weather in recent years.  We all remember the Frankenstorm of 2011.  This brings up the thought of an extended power outage.  No one wants this to happen again,  but it is a sobering reminder of how quick things can change.  Well what if you experience a power outage for an extended period of time and are forced to stay in a hotel… Will you be covered?

Assuming there is no other damage from the storm,  claims for a  hotel stay (or generators) are seldom covered under a homeowner’s policy.  However  due to a preexisting medical condition, your hotel stay may be covered.

In emergency situations state aid has been made available for application in the past.  Preparation is key in cases like this.  Make sure your family has an evacuation plan in place.

Please contact our office for further concerns or questions relating to property coverage.