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Heavy Snow Causes the Roof on your Garage to Collapse… Are You Covered?

Heavy SnowThis time of year snow piles up quickly and is heavy.  This can be a problem for your roof.  If a collapse occurs due to heavy snow, are you covered?

Yes there would be coverage.  It would either be covered under Dwelling or Other structures depending  weather the garage  is attached to the house or not.

Review your other structures to confirm that you have enough coverage. Examples of other structures include your fence, garage, shed, gazebo, barn, &  possibly your  pool.

Your personal property would also be covered if damaged, as a result of the collapse.

You may not be covered by your homeowners policy  if the garage is used for business.  In this case you would need commercial coverage for the building and property.  We handle both types of insurance.  Should you need more information we are only a call away.

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