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Classic Cars

Classic Cars

Classic Cars

Are you protecting your classic cars properly?

Most people who own classic cars work hard to take care of their prized possession. They are to be commended for this.  New England winters are not concerned with the welfare of your car.  We urge you to take steps now, before winter weather arrives, to protect your beautiful investment.

3 things to remember when choosing a storage facility:

  • Do they offer high quality car care?
  • Do they offer climate control?
  • Do they have high quality security?

Unless you are a professional, it may be best to get your car inspected by one.  Like I always say, better safe than sorry.

Take care to cover your car.  Cotton flannel covers are recommended.

If you have any insurance coverage questions feel free to contact us today.Classic cars hot rod

We at Chase Clarke Stewart & Fontana hope you and your classic car stay warm and safe this winter!