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Water Damage Around Your Electrical Panel… Are You Covered?

water damage

Water damage around your electrical panel is not something you want.  Let’s hope it does not happen to you.

If it does, there is some good news and some bad news.

Good news… If the damage is caused by a leaky pipe or your window is smashed during a storm and water enters through that broken window—YES there is coverage.

Bad news…If the damage is caused by ground water you are not covered.   For Example,  if heavy rain causes flooding in your basement or the water from the ground leaks in  through a crack in the foundation—-there is NO coverage.

Now would be the time to make sure you are protecting yourself against flood damage especially if you are in a flood zone. Be aware of the recent flood mapping changes. You could now be in a flood zone.  Flood policies are the only way to cover flood damage.  You cannot add flood coverage under any other policy.

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