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Car Safety – This Summer!

Car Safety is important.  Summer is here! There have been some hot days so far.  There has also been a lot of news about hot cars.  Please be safe and of course do not leave children or animals in hot cars.  The sun is powerful and not something to safety


The NTSA has helpful car safety tips for keeping you and your family safe this summer. The following are few of them…



  • Keep car keys away from young children, so they do not enter the car unattended.
  • Make sure windows are clear of limbs before rolling up the window.
  • Seat belts are for everyone.
  • Please notice the car sear chart click here.
  • Children under 13 should not sit in the front passenger seat.

To View a special car safety print out in Spanish click here

We’ve got the auto coverage you need.  Please continue to have safety discussions with your family.

View a complete listing of Car Safety Tips