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Your Fence is Destroyed by a Hurricane… Are You Covered???

fence is destroyed

The simple answer would be yes, if your fence is destroyed you would be covered. Your fence is covered under your homeowner’s policy- Coverage B.  However there are a number of variables as to how much you will be reimbursed.  Your insurance company will provide you with the  cash value of the fence at the time of the loss. The policy covers the actual cash value for the cost of repair or replacement.

*Something to note is that you will not be reimbursed based on the cost of a new fence.  Some fences depreciate faster than others.  Stockade fences depreciate quickly, whereas iron or vinyl hold their value longer, especially if properly maintained.

This brings us to the question of tree debris removal.

Homeowners policy reasonable expenses provides up to $500.00 for removal of trees felled by such windstorms or hail. Provided the tree damages the covered structure.  There may be an endorsement that provides a limit for removal of a fallen tree not damaging a structure. 

*If you live in coastal areas you will have a slightly higher deductible, which will be applied to windstorm or hail losses.

We are happy to answer any further questions you may have.