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Personal Umbrella Policy…

First of all what is a personal umbrella policy?  Basically, insurance that protects liability and covers more than one property or asset.

FYI: Umbrella policies cover attorney fees for claims covered in the policy regardless of if you win or lose.  Additionally, the insured is protected at home or while traveling.

Do you currently have a personal umbrella policy?  Have you stayed away from it thinking that it was out of your price range?  You may be happy to know you can have one for as little as $10.00 a month.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, chances are the umbrella is something you should look into:

  • Do you drive a car, or let someone use your car?
  • Do you host dinner parties?
  • Do you have young drivers living in the home?
  • Do you have children that are involved with carpools or other activities?
  • Do you own a hot tub, pool, trampoline, ATV, boat, or motorcycle?

We would love to tell you more.  Contact us today for more information!