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Spring Safety Tips for the Homeowner

Going along with our post on Spring Energy Tips, we would like to also bring you additional spring homeowner safety tips.  Arbella has put together a special collection of Spring Safety Tips click here to see it.

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    Have You thought about the following…



  1. Are your gutters draining properly… April Showers Are just around the corner
  2. Is your A/C ready for another season?… Believe it or not we will be getting warm weather soon!
  3. Is your Sump pump working properly… better to check now instead of waiting until you really need it!
  4. Have you cleaned your dryer vent recently?… clogged vents can cause fires.
  5. Is your deck ready for backyard BBQs?… make sure it is sound and ready to support all of your summer fun!

These are just a few things to remember… Have a great Spring Season