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Snowplow Damage… Are you, the business owner, covered?

snowplowIn New England gold comes in another shade… white (snow).  Well, atleast for snowplow drivers!

Winter weather can mean big business for local small business.  When most of us are home riding out the snowstorm there are a few people that head out in the middle of the night to start plowing. Does your small business do any of the following;

Do you sand?

Do you shovel?

Do you roof rake?

Do you plow public roads?

Coverage for Snowplow Damage?

Does your small business snowplow in the winter? Let’s say you have a fleet of trucks that are all commercial vehicles.  Winter comes around and you, the owner, decide to start plowing.  Suppose one of your drivers hit a curb and damages the vehicle while plowing.  Are you covered?

In most cases, if you do not have the snowplow endorsement on your commercial policy then you may be stuck without a shovel.  Your Business Owners policy may exclude coverage for snowplows.



Contact your local insurance agent to make sure you have the right commercial coverage.

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