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Motorcycles in New England

Do you enjoy riding motorcycles in the fall?

Fall in New England is like no other.  Some of us enjoy the thrill of riding through the hill towns, on a motorcycle.  We at Chase Clarke Stewart & Fontana Insurance, hope you enjoy these areas, safely.  Here are just a few reminders that all bikers would do well to keep in mind:

Stay Visible

Fall also means shorter days, so don’t get caught in the dark.  Please remember your reflective gear, and to check and maintain bulbs on your bike. Beware of glare caused by the sun being lower in the sky this time of year.

Be Cool

New England weather is known for changing quickly.  It may be a good idea to pack your cold weather gear even on those mild days.  Also beware of areas that are prone to frost.

Think Before You Ride

There are a few factors you may want to consider before heading out.  Rain can cause hazardous road conditions, so be cautious.  Again be

open road

cautious of frost and snow, depending on where you are planning to ride.  Plan a route that avoids roadways or bridges that may be more prone to frost or wet leaves that pile up.  At times it may even be best to put the bike riding on hold until conditions improve.

Watch For Deer 

Deer have a mind of their own.  While it’s nice to see them, it can also be dangerous.  Remember that deer are more active around dawn and dusk.

For more tips please click the links below:

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

American Motorcyclist Association

We would like to thank Safeco Insurance for bringing these reminders to our attention.

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