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Hurricane Safety Tips

Hurricane season here.  Although, in this area, we don’t usually feel its effects until later in the season.  What comes to mind when I say the name Sandy?  For New Yorkers it’s not a pretty sight.  Western Massachusetts has seen our share of bad weather.  Thankfully things have calmed down so far.  What can you do so that you are ready in the event of a hurricane or like conditions? We have some Hurricane Safety Reminders for you.

Ask yourself:hurricane

  • Do I have a disaster kit?
  • Do I have copies of important documents in a safe place? (Its also a good idea to keep these documents in a waterproof container or even a ziplock bag.)
  • Am I prepared with enough food and water for 72 hours?
  • As a business owner, do I have a company safety plan? Read More
  • Do I have enough coverage for my personal property or business?



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