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Tiny House- Are you covered?

Have you heard of this new Tiny House Trend?  How do these tiny homes interact with your insurance coverage?

Tiny House and Your Policy

The “Tiny House” is a new trend encouraging people to simplify their lives and reflect on how much space is reallytiny house needed to live.  Usually these homes are a maximum of 400 square feet. Some are built on trailers while others are fixed to a permanent foundation.  Insurance companies are working on how best to provide coverage for these new houses.

We are finding that they are being broken down to two types of coverage.

  1. Dwelling Fire or Speciality Homeowners policy.
    • If the structure is attached to a permanent foundation.
  2. Travel Trailer policy.
    • If wheels are in tact.

In either case the house would need to be inspected and meet certain standards before it would be insured.

Contact your local agent to learn more.

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