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Commercial Auto VS Personal Auto

If  you own a small business you may have wondered, should your car be insured with a Commercial Auto or Personal Auto  Policy?

Insurance coverage can be confusing, for small businesses.  We are here to make sure there are no gaps in  your coverage.

If you say “Yes” it could mean “No.”commercial auto

If you own a business and answer yes to any of the following questions,  then personal auto insurance may not be enough.

  • Do your employees use their personal vehicles on business time?
  • Is your company vehicle the only vehicle you drive?
  • Do you have multiple drivers?
  • Do you use your personal auto to make deliveries?

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It may interest you to know, our business automobile insurance program provides competitive, comprehensive auto coverage for:

  • Private Passenger Vehicles
  • Light to Heavy Trucks
  • Trailers with Service, Retail or Commercial Uses.
  • Read more here.