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Energy Assessments for the Fall season

Did you feel that cool crisp air? Fall is in the air, so it’s finally sweater weather! Time for apples, pumpkins, the Big E and more fall fun!

This is also a good time to discuss your home heating habits and how you can save money during this fall and winter season! Saving money on your heating bill is always a good assessments

Have you considered having energy assessments done by an energy auditor?

These trained professionals will help find leaks and determine if your heating units are running well.  Leaks can cost you a lot of money when you are trying to heat your home.

Click here for more information on Energy Audits


Once you have had the assessment, the auditor will usually tell you what needs to be done to fix any issues.

Common recommendations include…


  • Replace them with updated energy efficient products.
  • Apply weather stripping to seal leaks.

Heating Systems

  • Annual servicing by a professional.
  • Check filter for cleanliness. A clean filter helps the unit run better, longer.


We know how important your home is to you.  Your local agent is here to assist you with questions about your coverage options.