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Yes means No?

Yes means No?  Let us explain, If you answer yes to any of the following questions that could mean no coverage.  Please take a few minutes to read the following.  Call you agent if you answer yes to any of the following.

yes means no

  1. The named insured on the policy is not occupying the home
  2. The amount of insurance coverage on our home is less than 100% of what it would cost to rebuild it.
  3. The amount of insurance on our contents is less than its replacement value.
  4. Property used in business (tools, equipment, samples, stocks, etc.) is kept in our car or at our home.
  5. I own a trailer, camper, snowmobile,  or recreational vehicle. Call us to confirm coverage.
  6. I own a boat, outboard motor or boat trailer.
  7. We have a total of more than $1000 in jewelry, watches and furs, $2000 in firearms, $2500 in silverware & pewter ware or $200 in gold, money or silver.
  8. I own a second home and or we rent our second home during the year.
  9. I have cameras or hobby equipment which we consider valuables.
  10. I own antiques, fine arts, stamps, coins etc.
  11. I have an office or conduct business out of our home or garage.
  12. I have a detached garage or other building on our property that is worth more than 10% of our house dwelling coverage.
  13. I have a sump pump.
  14. I have persons other than blood relatives living in my home.
  15. My home is vacant or unoccupied.
  16. I have updated my kitchen, bathroom, or basement or added a dormer, addition, or deck to my home.
  17. I allow friends, or family members to operate my vehicle even though they are not listed on my policy.
  18. I borrow a household member or friends car regularly and I’m not a listed driver.
  19. I have multiple vehicles with different limits.
  20. I have an underground oil tank.
  21. I have custom equipment or furnishings in our vehicle
  22. I have a snow plow, bed liner, roof rack system or other item attached to our vehicle
  23. I own a condominium as a second home and may rent it out.
  24. I own vacant land.
  25. I own a condominium and don’t have loss assessment coverage.

Contact your local agent with further questions.