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School Bus Safety 2014

Do your children take the  school bus?

Back to school already?  Yes it’s true summer is winding down.  Many children will return to school this week or next.  Are your kids heading back to school?    Do they ride the school bus?

Here are a few simple tips to review with them this school year…

  • Stay seated on the bus.
  • Listen to bus driver and monitor.
  • Wear your seat belt if one is available.
  • When exiting the bus look out for cars.
  • Look both ways before crossing the street.


Tips for Parents

  • Walk or drive your children to the bus stop and wait with them until they get on the  school bus.
  • Drive slow and safe in school zones and residential areas, looking out for distracted school kids.

Click here to read more. Click on the links for safety tip PDF’s available for download.

Click here to visit the National Highway Traffic website for more school bus safety tips



Have a happy school year!

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