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Protect your Pets this Winter

Protect your pets from what?

protect your petsPets are a big part of many families.  Do you have pets?

Your dogs and cats may enjoy playing outside this time of year.  Winter weather means freezing temperatures.  The past week has shown how quickly driveways and walkways can be ice skating rinks.  How does this affect your pets?

Many products we use to “de-ice” can be hazardous for pets.  How can you de-ice your walk way and still keep your pets safe?  Use ice melt that is pet friendly.  Many stores sell rock salt or other products that are deemed pet friendly.  Sand can also be used. It’s good to check with your vet for further questions.  Also when you and your pets return home from the great outdoors, be sure to wipe their paws off.  This way you make sure they don’t get injured by chemicals they may have stepped in while outside.

Also be advised that antifreeze in your driveway, from your car, is harmful to your pets.  Keep an eye on your pets so they do not get into anything dangerous.

Below freezing temps can also be hard on our pets.  Protect them from the cold by not leaving them out in the cold too long.   Cars can also be dangerously cold for them.

Have a fun safe winter with your four legged furry friends.