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Is Motorcycle insurance coverage all the same?

Are you anxious to get out on the open road with your motorcycle?  Have you checked the tire pressure?  Something that is just as important is making sure you have the right motorcycle insurance coverage, without gaps. motorcycle insurance coverage  There are  so many coverage options available, how do you know which one is best for your prized road hog?

We can help you determine which policy best fits your needs.

Do you have the right motorcycle insurance coverage in each of the following scenarios?

  • You have an accident and the person who is at fault does not have insurance.
  • You take a small spill and damage your safety equipment.
  • Your brand new bike gets hit and is now a total loss.
  • Do you have “guest coverage”  for passengers?
  • Do you have medical coverage? (PIP may not apply to motorcycle on your policy.)

Are there gaps in your coverage? Find out today, by asking your local agent.