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Melting Snow Causes Backups

Is melting snow causing problems? Hopefully not!

Between wild weather and water main breaks, this area has seen its fair share of floods. We have had a lot of snow.  Melting snow causes water to seep wherever it can.  If it seeps into your basement, that’s a problem.  A few inches can cause thousands of dollars in damage. If nothing else it’s worth it to take preventative measures to protect your home.  Chubb  Insurance has a few tips we thought you would find useful.  To read more, click the link below.

Tips for Dealing with Melting Snow-spring flood

  • Make sure the ground around your home slopes away from your home.
  • Check your basement to make sure there are no cracks in the foundation wall.
  • Seal basement windows.
  • Clear away debris from drains along your home’s foundation.
  • Check to make sure sump pumps are working properly.
  • If storing valuables in your basement use water proof containers and keep them above floor level.
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Have a happy & dry spring season.