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Worried about Ice Dams on your roof?

Question do you have a layer of ice on your gutter, along with icicles?


You have what we call ice dams.  This is usually from a large build up of snow on your roof combining with warm air leaking from your home.   This ice dam can damage your roof and wall system of your home. has some tips for removing the ice dam.  Click here to see the full listing.

  1. Do not attempt to climb on to your roof and remove the snow!  Safety first!
  2. Do not chip at ice, from the ground, this could result in injury from shards of ice etc.*
  3. Seal the leak from inside of your home, as this is the true source of the problem
  4. Make sure attic ventilation is not being block up, if so clear the way for proper ventilation
  5. Before the storm brings snow, make sure gutters are free of leaves.
  6. Use a contractor who specializes in energy compliance, to fix the leak.

snow on roof

* Home improvement stores have snow melt made to safely remove ice from your roof.  Other devices that can be set up directly on the roof (not on the snow) can also melt snow before it has a chance to change to ice.


Click here for a ice dam visual aids.

Click here for Energy Star Diagram of common Home Air Leaks

If you have coverage questions or any other questions, feel free to contact us today!


Click here to view and or download a PDF with Ice Dam Tips for the homeowner.