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Headlights Law As of April 2015 has changed

Do you know about the new Headlights law?

April showers bring…you know the rest.  Well this year, April showers mean changes to how you operate your car.  There is a new Massachusetts Law that requires you to have your headlights on whenever you use your windshield wipers.    This headlights law goes into effect April 7, 2015. 

Find the history of this law here.

The new section of Law does not change the current law requiring headlights to be on  a 1/2 hr after sunrise and before sunset.

Read more about this law 

When it rains it… not only pours but it also becomes harder to see through your windshield.  Having your headlights on during a rain storm make it easier to see and be seen, hopefully reducing the amount of storm related accidents.


*Some have asked if having your running lights on is sufficient… According to the Law you need to have your taillights and headlights on when wipers are in use.

Drive safe.

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