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Fire Safety for Babies!

 Matches are not good toys for babies!


Who would think a toddler would burn down your house?  Well, according to the U.S Fire Administration toddlers between the ages of 3-4 actually cause a large number of babies and firehome fires by playing with lighters and matches.  And, being that they are toddlers cannot escape from the fire that they started resulting in serious injury or death….  That is not good.

For this reason, we are talking about Fire Safety For Parents.

As adults we know not to play with matches, or burn a candle near curtains or have open flames near any flammable material including paper or fabric.

Last week we saw a fire break out in the teenage son’s bedroom of a ranking firefighter.  What does this tell us.  No one is immune from fire.

Fire education and communication are essential to keeping your family safe from the devastation brought on by fire.

Please click on the following U.S. Fire Administration links to learn how to teach your children fire safety.

Teaching Children Fire Safety

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Fire Safety for babies and toddlers

USFA Kids page june 7, 2013 fire article