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Are Your Windows Legal??

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Are Your Windows Legal?  If not you may get a rude awakening.

Many of us prefer to have a car with tinted windows, and that’s quite alright.  Some like the privacy aspect, others like the style.  And just like with paint color for your auto, there are many varieties of window tint that you can choose from.  After all it is a free country and we should be able to express ourselves.  It is however, important to note there are still regulations in place.  These regulations vary state by state.  If you are not careful it could prove costly. Mass fee’s can be at least $250.00

First of all you should know there are two types of tint, Factory and Aftermarket.  Factory tinting, is what it sounds like, and is put on by the auto manufacturer.  This is legal.  Aftermarket  tinting refers to the film that is put on by a private company.  This is also legal, so long as it is transparent…  So then, is there a law on window tint, if so what is it??? click here  for the mass law on window tint.

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What It boils down to its this:  Many Law Enforcement Officers and Vehicle Inspectors are now on the lookout for illegal window tint.  They like to be able to see who is in the car so as to avoid any surprises.   Really, can we blame them…?  Dark tint can also be hazardous for the driver especially at night.

Personally I bought a car out of state, and the day of my inspection I found out that my tint was too dark.  The previous owner had placed after market tint on the car.  This of course had to be removed.  One more expense I had to cover.  (Shame, shame).  Fortunately for me, when they began removing the tint, the professional I was working with, noticed my car also had factory tint on the windows.  This was great news because it  meant I did not have to pay more for legal after market tint to be added.

In summary:   If this happens to you don’t panic.  There are many affordable tinting places in the pioneer valley.  I urge you to shop around.  I personally love having window tint on my car.

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