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Have you had your antiques appraised?

Antiques give us a glimpse into the way life used to be.  Antique shows are a great pastime, in which we can find unique, priceless items.

Do you enjoy collecting antiques?

antiquesProtect your investment. When was the last time you had your antiques appraised by a professional? We recommend that you have your appraisals done by a certified appraiser to determine the value of your personal items.  Once you have the appraisal, contact your local independent insurance agent to discuss your coverage options.

Your agent will advise you to either…

  1. List your antiques on your current homeowners policy.
  2. Obtain a valuable articles policy.

In most cases, you can simply schedule your items to your homeowners policy which will also provide broader coverage.  

Do you have an up to date digital inventory?  Please share this information with your local agent as well. Digital records save you time and headaches, in the event of loss. link

Call us today, for more tips and coverage options.