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Vandalism Are you covered?

With creepy clowns in the news, and Halloween around the corner, homeowners are concerned about vandalism. What can you do to protect your home from mischief?

What insurance coverage is available to you the homeowner for vandalism?

vandalismDamage to your home because of vandalism or malicious mischief to your home is usually covered under Coverage A of your Homeowners Policy.

Damage to your vehicles would be covered under your Auto policy if you have comprehensive coverage.

The amount of coverage varies, depending on your deductible and what is listed on your policy.  We recommend that you review your coverage today, with your local agent, so there are no surprises later.

Take precautions to protect your valuables.  

  • Keep the outside of your home well lit to make your home less appealing to vandals.
  • Be sure to lock all windows and doors.
  • Bring valuable items inside before it gets dark.

We are standing by to answer further questions you may have.

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