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Vacation Rental Scam

How does this sound?…”One week rental of a 5 bedroom house on the beach this summer, with your close friends and family.  Amenities include, rec room, flat screen TVs, jacuzzi, pool tables and more.” Does this vacation rental sound good? When choosing a vacation rental there are a few things you need to be aware…

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Winterizing Your Boat This Year

Summer has ended, but we can still dream of what great adventures next year will bring… Most of us do not live in an area that allows us to use our boats all year-long.  New England summers seem to fly by.  This is especially true for boat enthusiasts.  Preparing your boat for winter is an important job…

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Vacation Car Rental… are you covered?

Do you need a vacation car rental?  Do you have the right coverage? Would you be covered for a vacation car rental under you personal auto policy?… short answer… Yes. Your personal automobile insurance will follow for personal vacation car rental (no buses, or commercial trucks, etc..) Generally, if you have liability part 5 Optional…

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