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Online Safety in the Workplace

Online Safety, why should you teach your employees about it?

Online safety is very important. So important that October has is being called Cyber Security Awareness Month. Why?  We spend a lot of time online.  

online safetyFor example, when was the last time you used a phone book?  Most of the time, it’s just easier to “google it.”  This is also true when paying bills or shopping, most of that is now done online.  This is great, but also creates new threats.  Keeping your information safe is especially important at work.


Online Safety Tips from Homeland Security… for the workplace.

  • Knowledge is power- Teach your employees to be cyber smart.  Set up office rules on passwords and dealing with client information.
  • Keep office computers up to date with security software.
  • Firewalls are your business best friend.
  • Back up information using a cloud or other means.
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Protect your business from cyber security threats.  Talk to your employees on a regular basis about online safety.


 Protect your business from further problems with cyber liability coverage.

As your local agent today.  Have a safe October.

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