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Expensive Jewelry Is Stolen from your house… Are you covered?

Cover your expensive jewelry!

Well, that depends what your definition of covered is.  The standard homeowners policy contract provides up to $1,000 to $1,500 for jewelry depending on which version of the expensive JEWELRYhomeowners policy that you have.  So, if you have a stolen Rolex valued at $7,000 you will come up a bit short.  This limit applies to expensive jewelry, watches, precious and semi-precious stones and furs.

It is recommended that you obtain appraisals from a certified appraiser to determine the value of your personal items.  Once you have have an appraisal contact your independent insurance agent to discuss your coverage options.  You may wish to list/schedule your items onto your homeowner’s policy, or obtain a valuable articles policy.  In most cases, you can just add your items to your homeowners policy.

Did you know that you can schedule other high end personal property such as computers, golf or sporting equipment, bicycles, firearms, paintings, artwork or antiques.  Really any property that has a high value.

Scheduling your items will not only cover them for theft, but it will broaden your coverage to include loss, in most cases.

Contact your independent insurance agent for more information.